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31 Jan 2018 - The Pendle Webcam is offline for the foreseeable future, as the site where we were located is no longer able to host us. We hope to be back soon! Follow us on Twitter for more information.

If you know of a suitable location for the webcam please get in touch! We just need a good view of Pendle and a broadband connection, we can do the rest!

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Frequently Asked Questions

What am I looking at?

You're looking at the eastern elevation of Pendle Hill, located in the east of Lancashire in vicinity of Burnley, Clitheroe, Colne, Nelson and Barrowford. The summit of the big end towers 557m (1827ft) above sea level. For more information please see the Wikipedia page.

Where does Pendle Hill get its name?

As with many natural landmarks the true origin of the name can be traced back through many hundreds of years.

PEN - Pen - A word of Cumbric origin, meaning 'Hill'
DLE - Hyll - An Old English word which simply means 'Hill'
HILL - Hill - A Modern English word, that means 'Hill'

So there you have it, a name suitable for a hill that stands proudly above all the surrounding land - Hill Hill Hill.

For more information please see the Wikipedia Page.

How do I get to Pendle Hill?

To find out how to get to Pendle Hill from wherever you are in the world, click here

I can't see Pendle Hill. The image is very dark with some specks of white.

This happens when the Earth is rotated so that Pendle and the county of Lancashire is facing away from our Sun. This condition is normally resolved within 12 hours, so please try again later. In the mean time please see our Gallery of Pendle Hill photographs.

I'm interested in Pendle Hill and would like to know if there is a Pendle hill near me?

If you don't live in east Lancashire it's unlikely you'll be able to see Pendle Hill. However, you may be interested to know there are a number of Pendle Hills around the globe:

Whether you live near a Pendle Hill or not, remember you're only ever a mouse click away from a live, updated view of our Pendle Hill.

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The Pendle Way

A marked 45 miles circular route taking in the area around Pendle Hill Click here to view.

Pendle Time-Lapse

For more Time Lapse Videos please click here

Contact Information

To contact the editor of this page please email pendlewebcam@tektoo.net

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